Luso Electronics Distribution today announced availability of a series of highly compact AC-DC switching power supplies that deliver up to 260W of power and eliminate the fans and fan controllers required to cool conventional power supplies, thereby saving cost and freeing up valuable component space. Removing fans and related components and circuitry is also a significant advantage in increasing MTBF and reducing noise in end products.

Manufactured by N2Power, the 260W power supply is essentially the ‘Convection Cooling Option’ from the company’s XL375 series of highly compact AC-DC switching power supplies, which is suitable for a myriad of applications including as industrial automation, telecommunications, gaming systems, security and surveillance systems, and network servers.

The Convection Cooling Option power delivers 260W across all output voltages –eight models are available in the family featuring output voltages from 12V to 56V. “These power supplies deliver high flexibility in power system design,” said David Zelkha, managing director of Luso Electronics. “Engineering teams can design in both convection- and fan-cooled power supplies that use the same very compact and low-profile 3.3 x 5 x 1.5in packaging, connectors and layout, saving both time and cost.” The power supply’s very low profile packaging means it is also ideally suited to 1U product designs.

All models in the series offer Active Current Sharing to allow up to four supplies to be operated in parallel for high-output applications. The Active OR-ing Mosfet Board option is available for N+1 applications. Both 5V standby and 12V auxiliary outputs can be wired OR-able when the main output is disabled. In addition, synchronous rectification delivers exceptionally high efficiency of up to 93% in some models.

N2Power supplies meet a full range of international agency requirements, including RoHS, UL, DEMKO, CE Mark and FCC Class B.