Luso Electronics announces availability of the new RQ24 Zeta 500W half-brick DC-DC isolated power module in the SynQor RailQor series. Compliant with EN50155 European Standards, the RQ24 joins the RQ1B, RQ72, RQ68 and RQ18 modules within the range which deliver different continuous and transient power input voltages for customers to choose from depending on their needs. With supplementary transient protection circuitry, the fixed-switching frequency converter modules can also withstand voltage surges to meet RIA 12 specifications.

Delivering full isolated power operation without a heatsink at 85 °C under no-airflow conditions, the RailQor range of board-mountable digital power converter modules use SynQor’s synchronous rectifier based technology to achieve extremely high efficiencies.

The modules are specifically aimed at the demanding thermal environments of transportation applications including: video surveillance systems; door, braking and motor drive controls; LED information displays and safety monitors; internal and external lighting; audio amplifiers; and communications or entertainment systems.

Available in quarter-brick (1.5 inch x 2.4 inch) or half-brick (2.4 inch x 2.5 inch) formats, the nominal input voltages of the RailQor DC-DC converters include 24V (9V to 36V), 68V (12V to 154V), 72V (42V to 110V), 96V and 110V (66V to 160V) with output voltage offerings of 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V and 48V.

Features include remote on/off control, +10% to -20% output voltage trim range, remote output voltage sense, input under-voltage lockout, output over-voltage protection, active back bias limiting, thermal shutdown, output current limit, and short circuit protection. Additionally, there is no minimum load requirement.

Available with an optional flanged style baseplate, each module is completely encased in a permanently elastic thermally conductive compound to provide protection from harsh environments and deliver protection from rigorous shock and vibration.

The RailQor series’ power dissipation has been reduced at very light loads, resulting in efficiencies exceeding 85% at as little as 10W output and 93% at full load. Minimal power dissipation allows the series to deliver up to 50W with no derating in environments with no airflow, no heatsink, and ambient temperatures up to 85 °C. The full operating temperature range is from –40 °C to +100 °C baseplate temperature with airflow.

Available from Luso Electronics, SynQor RailQor evaluation boards with socketed connections can help customers evaluate the features and performance of the digital converter modules and get started with system prototypes and temporary testing. Designed to support all versions of the RailQor power modules, there are three versions of this RailQor Evaluation Board; one for the RQ1B and RQ68, one for the RQ72, and one for the RQ18. The evaluation boards, schematics and application notes are available on request from Luso together with production quantities of the RailQor series with lead-times depending on volumes.

Download the the evaluation board here: