Luso Electronics  announces the availability of TimeLink‘s multi-touch panels to overlay LCD/LED monitors creating display screens that flawlessly detect up to 48 touch points simultaneously. This panel allows single or multiple users to interact with devices such as ATMs, POS kiosks, digital signage and entertainment screens with a better level of gesture control for greater functionality and ease of use.

Using its ‘Surface Light Wave’ technology which works by processing interrupted signals from an IR emitter among other light transmission characteristics, TimeLink’s multi-touch screens deliver touch control with zero pressure, recognises touch points without requiring any calibration and supports any opaque materials. Additionally, the solution offers significant resistance to light and static interference as well as humidity without any drift in performance.

The easy-to-install multi-touch overlay screen measures up to 84” as standard, with the possibility of customising to alternative sizes and linking multiple screens together if required. The response time for point size recognition above 3mm x 3mm is less than 10ms, which is much faster than a common touch screen. The robust unit also benefits from high fault tolerance operating routinely even if up to 10% of its non-consecutive sensors are damaged or its detection frame is tilted by up to 15 degrees.

The panel offers 10 point touch to compatible HID-defined devices and its software interface protocols offers native support for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Linux, Android and Mac OS.

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