Luso Electronics Distribution has announced availability of wireless power transmitter and receiver coil modules from Elec & Eltek, a leading manufacturer of magnetic components. The small, thin and high-efficiency magnetic-induction coil modules are aimed at use in wireless charging applications for portable electronic devices.

There is growing market demand for the ease and safety of wireless power systems for the charging of batteries in mobile and portable consumer devices such as smartphones, music/video players, cameras, game controllers, laptops and tablets.

Two standard transmitter (Tx) coil modules are available, respectively offering 19V and 5V wireless power charging, in addition to a receiver (Rx) coil module. The modules are already specified on wireless charging circuit reference designs and evaluation kits from leading semiconductor manufacturers, including TI and IDT. Additionally, these devices are compliant to Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) specifications, which helps designers avoid safety problems and ensures system interoperability.

Available in various operating temperature ranges, specifications of these modules include DCR (Direct Current Resistance) figures of 75 and 25 mOhms (maximum) and an inductance of 24 and 6.3uH (typical) for the 19V and 5V coils, respectively. Specifications for the receiver (Rx) coil module are 210 mOhms (maximum) and 9.7uH (typical). Dimensions of the Tx modules are 50 x 50mm; the Rx module is 48 x 32mm.

Alternative electrical specifications, in addition to various coil shapes and dimensions are also available for custom designs.