Open-frame unit saves space, cuts energy costs and increases system reliability

Simi Valley, CA, September 19, 2012 – N2Power, a division of Qualstar Corporation (NASDAQ: QBAK), announces a new 330W AC-DC power supply that features an industry-leading combination of power density and efficiency. The 1.35-inch high, open-frame XL330-54 has a 3-inch x 5.3-inch (76mm x 135mm) footprint to deliver a power density of 15W/in3 with only 13CFM cooling, a space saving of 32% compared to typical 1U units of similar rating, most of which have a 6-inch x 4-inch (102mm x 152mm) footprint. Its maximum full-load efficiency of 90%, achieved through synchronous rectification, Or-ing MOSFETs and a unique active PFC design, means that the XL330-54 generates 23% less heat than most comparable power supplies, minimizing cooling requirements and increasing system reliability. The highefficiency delivers energy savings throughout the product’s life, providing greater return on investment.

The XL330-54 has two primary outputs: 54V/6.1A and 12V/9A, plus a 12V/1A auxiliary output. The 54V output is 2250VDC isolated from theother outputs making it Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) compatible. The design allows active current sharing on the 54V output for up to four power supplies to be operated in parallel. N+1 operation can also be configured.

Other features of the power supplies include universal AC input (90-264VAC) and active inrush current protection of 10.5A at 240VAC, which does not change during operation. The XL330-54 CS is RoHS compliant and meets all major international safety and EMC requirements.

N2Power’s Vice President and General Manager, Randy Johnson, said, “With the rising price of energy across the globe, engineers now appreciate that efficiency gains of just a few percentage points deliver substantial cost benefits throughout a product’s operating life. For example, when a power supply is 90% efficient, rather than 87% efficient, that’s a 23% performance improvement and energy saving. N2Power delivers this improvement without compromising the product’s compact size or other desirable features.”

Sample units of the XL330-54 are available in the UK and Ireland from Luso Electronics Distribution.