ml100&ML150 psu

Do you need a 100W power supply? Is space an issue?

As part of their new medically approved ML series, N2Power have in their product range two new power supplies that are ideal for many industrial applications where space is a premium.

The ML150 is a 150W power supply in a 4” x 2” footprint package and the ML100, 100W product is even more compact at just 3” x 2”.

Both products would fit in a standard 1U 19” rack and are feature rich with active PFC and built in EMI Filtering.
Being over 90% efficient and with the ML100 only using 0.3W in standby mode these units are cost effective solutions for the lifetime of your end equipment.

All products in the ML series are now available for sampling from factory stock.

Although they are targeted at the medical market, these cost effective units are suitable for any application.

Please contact us for more information or to discuss your design requirements.